Wednesday, November 2, 2011

UGA's Offensive Skeleton Crew

Tuesday brought the surprising, but not totally unexpected news (keeping last weeks rumors in mind) that the Bulldogs entire offensive backfield would be suspended for Saturday's game against New Mexico State. Ok well maybe it wasn't the entire backfield, but you get the point.

Compounding the loss of Crowell, Thomas, and Malcome to suspension is the fact that the resurgent Richard Samuel IV, who was injured on the final play of the Florida game, had to undergo ankle surgery and will be lost for a month.

Combine those losses with the list of current players missing in action and it appears that at least for one game, UGA will be trotting out a skeleton crew on the offensive side of the ball. Here is a list of all the offensive Dawgs who will likely not appear in Saturday's game.

  • Isaiah Crowell: Suspension
  • Carlton Thomas: Suspension
  • Ken Malcome: Suspension
  • Richard Samuel: Ankle injury requiring surgery
  • Malcolm Mitchell: Hamstring injury, will miss his third consecutive game
  • Dallas Lee: Broken leg, likely done for the season
  • Kolton Houston: Still in limbo while dealing with an NCAA "issue"
  • Rantavious Wooten: still battling concussion like symptoms, redshirt possible
  • Israel Troupe: Uh not injured or suspended to my knowledge, but where is he?

I could be missing a few guys, but those are the ones I can remember off the top of my head. We are one injury away at the O-line position from being in dire straights, as no other member of the two deep has ever seen significant playing time.

Also as most have noted the wide receiver position is scary thin as well, and at least for Saturday, running back will essentially be a crap shoot. I guess the two Brandons and one Branden will see the bulk of the carries, with Zander Ogletree possibly getting in some work.

Thank God Georgia is facing college football's lesser known Aggies from New Mexico State this week, otherwise these losses could severely hurt UGA's chances of winning.

A good representation of UGA's offense depth

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  1. If you focus on execution, depth doesn't matter.