Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tweet O' the Day: Royston - Why Are We So Much Better Than Everyone Else?

They're are quite a few things that I'd argue the Dawgs are better at than anyone in the country. Here's a small list:
  1. Having a cool mascot. Well, at least sometimes we have a mascot these days.
  2. Jumping on the "Fire _____" train. We're down offensively one week - you know who's getting the bidness.
  3. Making an event of going to a bar. Let's face it, "Going Downtown" is way cooler than when you'd say it in 98.3% of college towns. What makes it so cool? Well, even when folks intentionally plan not to go to Toppers, somehow they always end up at Toppers... then Five Guys at 2:42 a.m.
  4. Being frat-tastic. I would argue that only a few select schools can top the frattiness on display in Athens.
  5. Making fun of people who have a penchant for wearing mullets, jorts, and Timmy Tebow jerseys.
So, it comes as no surprise that Dustin Royston believes that we're better than everyone else. I do too and his reasoning is pretty simple...

Music.... Check.
Frat Hair... Check.
Copious amounts of alcohol... Check.
Young men and women shaking their hips... Check.
A bunch of cops about to rain on your parade... Check.
A Gator ass thrashing to revel in for another 361 days... Check.

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    1. Simply Awesome! The end that is...GO DAWGS!!!

      S. FL. Chapter of the Bulldog Nation