Friday, November 18, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: On What is Ben Jones Focused?

We've still gotta win Saturday, but just as no one is giving the Kentucky a chance to win that game, no one is giving the Dawgs a chance to win the SEC, if they come out of Saturday's contest with a win. That's the way I like it too. Folks don't get surprised when you roll in and are the media darling and you're pretty much playing with house money.

I'll have to admit that Ben has played like a man intent on winning something the last few weeks. The SEC linemen of the week honors should clue you in on that, even if you don't know football. Yeah, I know those awards are usually stockpiled for the guy who has the gaudy stats, but there's really no stat column for putting a linebacker on his a$$.

But before we focus on that championship, let's think about how nerdy those kids are on North Avenue and eat some more of their turf, Ben.

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