Monday, November 14, 2011

Tweet O' the Day: Hmmm....Murray vs. Mr. Heisman

Check this little interesting tweet by Christian Robinson:

I will say this for Luck vs. Murray, Murray has receivers to throw the ball to, Luck only has a bunch of gigantic cyborgs they call TE's in California. Seriously, they have like 5 tight ends and they all go about 6'6 and (at least) 240.

The only thing that really hurts Murray here is that he isn't 6'4, 235 pounds, and ESPN doesn't want his junk in their face. I get that he's a good quarterback, I just don't see the WOW factor from him - especially after that Oregon beat down on Sattidy night.

Either way, that most definately lost him the Heisman. You can't have a performance like that late in the year and expect to win. But enough about Mr. Media Hype-man.

Aaron has had a remarkable year given the slow start and the lack of a true go-to #1 receiver early on. I think there were a ton of question about the receiver corps initially, but I feel that the depth we now have there is one of the strengths of the offense.


  1. No, the thing that hurts Murray is that this was the first time his team has beaten a ranked team in his almost two years as qb. Until Saturday, Stanford had won I don't know how many games in a row and kicked VA Tech's teeth in at the Orange Bowl at the end of last season.

    I'm not saying it's all been Murray's fault...far from it. That said, you need to win some big games vs quality competition before people seriously consider you for national awards.

    Luck was running away with the Heisman until Saturday. I still think he wins it in a close vote unless OK State stays unbeaten...then their qb will get it.

  2. Anon, seriously. Have even looked at Stanford's schedule. Until this weekend against Oregon their schedule has been pathetic.
    San Jose State #93
    Duke #95
    Arizona #90
    UCLA #51
    Colorado #111
    WSU #96
    Wash. #35

  3. Need more quality opponents? What if Murray leads UGA to a victory over LSU? Would he get some respect then?

  4. Case Keenum 37 td's, 3 int's, 12 to 1 td/int
    Aaron Murray
    27 td's, 8 int's, 3.5 to 1 td to int ratio

    Case 3951 yards,
    Murray, 2200

    Case 74% accur
    Murray 61%


  5. Hey Case for Heisman, Not to take anything away from Case Keenum, but the competition played against for Murray and Keenum is night and day. Put Keenum in the SEC for one season and watch those numbers go wayyy down!!