Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: LSU Looms, Where is Team's Focus?

The Dawgs will play their biggest game this Saturday in the Dome since the 2006 trip to the Sugar Bowl (Yeah, it was the 2005 season, but you catch my drift). LSU is being billed as a complete terror (with on-field usage of RPG's, Napalm, and guillotines), who has little or no remorse for the teams they dismember on the way to another National Championship - unless, of course, they are brandishing hearty supplies of delicious corndogs. So you see how easy it could be to think that the good guys have absolutely no chance, despite their determination and focus.

So, as this huge game looms, where is the team's focus? Well, naturally...

Frankly, I don't blame them either.

I guess a lot of people would say, "Ah, they should be worried about watching film or lifting weights or running speed ladder." To you I say, "BAH HUMBUG!" LSU has the pressure here and if you don't believe it, just flip on some sports talk radio. WE'RE PLAYING WITH HOUSE MONEY BABY!

So, in summation, while LSU is worried about how they'll look in the game, we're worried about how supermodels look on the runway. While Les is trying to figure out our blocking secrets, Hunter is busy figuring out Victoria's.

I like it. LSU is...

Under pressure. dum dum dum da na na na...

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