Friday, November 4, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: Kolton Houston Dishes on Bama/LSU

Kolton Houston's NCAA eligibility status is still in limbo (I guess), but I reckon that gives him a little more time to watch some other teams tee it up on Saturdays. So does that mean that he's uber-excited about Saturday's ULTRA MEGA MEDIABONER TITANICALLY ENORMOUS AWESOMENESS-FEST down in Tuscaloosa on Saturday?

Let's see...

Completely agree, Kolton. The only thing that I'm hoping that happens in this game is that it's as sloppy as you can imagine or ends up being a blowout in LSU's favor. Why LSU's favor, well because no one seems to be giving them a fighting chance... and it's also plays into my burgeoning theory that Les Miles is actually a genius, but he acts like an idiot because people will underestimate him. There are some other aspects to this theory, but I'm not going to divulge those just yet.

So because we're both insanely tired of the media man crush fest on these two teams, what would temporarily assauge the pain? 

This ought to do the trick for about 9 minutes...


  1. Not to mention that if LSU wins big, it sets up another epic game in Baton Rouge Thanksgiving weekend: LSU v. Arkansas (who'll be 10-1 then, hopefully).

    If the then-once defeated Pigs beat the then-undefeated Tigers, then, Bama>Arky, LSU>Bama, Arky>LSU, and a three-way tie atop the SEC West! Gotta Love It!

  2. have you ever noticed the odd way in which saban moves his hands around when he speaks

  3. No body is giving LSU a chance? Then why is 75% of the publics money on them? Alabama will win soley because vegas has this game set up to cash. More money on this game than last years BCS Championship.

  4. What is the story with Houston anyway????