Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tweet O' the Day: Just How Good Was Practice Yesterday?

I like to hear things like this, especially when it's "#auburnweek". Those guys haven't engendered any favor in my heart in the last, well... ever, so it's about time for a W. If I were out there, I'd just picture Cammie Cam's smile on every single player out there and I THINK there might be enough motivation for me to knock the hell outta someone.

Speaking of Cam, look, I respect the guy's game - he's obviously pretty good. And yeah some people might say it's sour grapes or whatever, but he's just so easy to not like. Maybe it's his dad taking money, maybe it's his attitude, or a combination of the two. Either way, he and all things Auburn in general are pretty similar, really easy to not like very much.

Well, beside Sir Charles.


  1. Actually, I like the guy. His smile is similar to the comedic Georgia movie star, Chris. The fact that he survived the NCAA dragline that went through his last college year and that he is considered "cerebral" by professionals in the NFL makes him even more likeable.

    Of course he is a thief and a cheater long before this and a hypocrite along with his father. That should go without saying.

  2. Frank Thomas and Bo Jackson are pretty easy to like too....just sayin. GO DAWGS!!!

  3. I even hate Charles Barkley!