Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: Hunter Long Disses the H2H Guys

We really thought you had a special place in your heart for us, Hunter. Matter of fact, we thought all you freshman o-linemen had a certain affectation for we guys at H2H. Just look at what he had to say to us...

So now we know how you really feel about us Young Long. We're just some yahoos from the woods who have no idea about football? Yeah, well I knew exactly the second when Jeff Demps made our line jump offsides on that punt attempt - I told everyone around, "HEY! Our guy just jumped OFFSIDE. I SAW IT! OFFSIDE!"

And when they were trying to get our defensive line to false start - I knew that wasn't happening. So did Christian Robinson. I could just hear him saying, "Come on.... Uh uh, I ain't false starting right here. Come on you jort wearing sucker." 

I did notice several times though, that Florida had an a few illegal substitution penalties called right when  the play clock expired. The refs were right on those illegal substitution penalties, but I thought that I'd point them out, as I could easily tell the play clock had expired.

Oh yeah, I also noticed that we were running a lot of half-dollar coverage as well. The 3-cent piece wasn't quite getting the pressure we needed, so we adjusted mid-way through the 3rd half.

*Really, I probably do sound like an ass in the stadium sometimes, but I completely get it... Completely.*


  1. Why are you attacking a player? This guy wasnt talking about you. He'll I'd bet he doesn't even know you exist! I would say that for 99.99999% of the other players coaches and fans. What sort of Point are you trying to make with this post to a player? Perhaps you should stick to facEbook!

  2. Maybe you should try reading (the entire post) next time you comment, eh?

    As for your comment about not knowing about our site and ATTACKING a player, take a look at our twitter feed. You'll gain some enlightenment.

  3. I really don't know what this is about. This post can go either way. Don't get on Sports and Grit's level. And YES, I did read the whole article. Evertbody already talks about how bad we bash our coach and players, Don't put stuff in print for everybody to read.


    We're making fun of people who have no idea what they're talking about... We're agreeing with Hunter, who BTW read this post this morning. Just check his twitter page.

    What are we supposed to not put in print? Making fun of ourselves?

  5. Hunter must have been sitting in my section. I couldn't believe all the coach bashing and second guessing I was hearing right out of the gate. Nothing was good enough for the guy next to me - if we had a 6 yard pick up on a run, he'd holler "Why didn't you pass the ball Bobo"! On the last drive of the game when we were eating up the clock, he kept screaming "Throw the damn ball!". Yep, some of our fans ARE the worst.

  6. I agree that some of our "fans" are pretty awful, but would say that the Florida game brings out the absolute worst in most because of the level of frustration. This is bound to happen to some degree when you beat your biggest rival only 3 times over a span of more than two decades. Right or wrong on an x's and o's level, second guessing is going to happen, especially when we start off the game like we did on Saturday. Just about everyone wearing red in those stands had to be thinking the same thing - "here we go again" and/or "why do I continue to come down here every year to subject myself to this?" That said, being too vocal With the whining/complaining only makes things even more miserable for everyone around you and some of our fans don't understand that. To those people, I say calm down and quit driving yourself and others crazy over something that you have absolutely no control over.

  7. 95% of the fans in the stands don't know what they are talking about. I will take the word of a player who is at practice daily, they know the game plan, etc... We do have a bunch of whinning fans!

  8. I'm with you,11:46. However, the J'ville game is worse because of the drunks. They know that drinking makes them better dancers, better looking and invisible. It also makes them coaching geniuses and they shout it to the world for all to hear.