Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: Coach Richt to Suspend a Group of Star Players

Don't look now, but we could be without at least 3 guys this Saturday and possibly our QB for an agregious violation of not only team rules, but also rules, rules...

I really like coach Richt's style lately - don't tell the media, just roll this stuff out on the Twitters. It makes great material for me, the shoestring journalist, and I don't have to listen to a boring teleconference that I'm POSITIVE he hates doing (along with every other coach in 'Merica).

So how did Richt know about this most destruction of movie-going behaviors? Twitter, of course.

By all accounts, this movie was complete crap. Why some dudes went and saw this voluntarily, I'll never know. I'll surmise that there were probably not just bros involved here, as would be the case personally (if I was to see it).

 Now we know what the real reason was - "Chicks dig it." Not real sure, but the playing QB at UGA probably does enough for 'em without going to see really, really terrible movies. But it's just whatever, I can understand your motivations.

So anyway, Faux Mark Richt, keep doing your thang.

***This is completely ficticious. Pardon me for adding some lighthearted fun to your day about players being suspended. (Cause I'm sure some yahoo will come on here and think I'm being serious)***


  1. Blog whore! You'll do anything to get a hit. (well played, sir)