Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shaq Goodwin to Announce Something at 11:20 Today

This week could be jammed full of really good news or really bad news, as Robert Carter and Shaq Goodwin will be announcing. Carter will be announcing his college of choice, most likely between Georgia and Georgia Tech (with GTU) having the edge, and Goodwin announcing "something" today at 11:20.

We're not sure if it will be a commitment or not, but he did just return from his trip to UCLA Monday, so things look sketchy at best. I did notice a few tweets that give me a glimmer of hope, if it's a commit. They basically had to do with distance and plane rides, so I'm hoping that they actually mean that he's staying local.

If Goodwin does commit and it's to Mark Fox, I'll probably be the happiest I've been about a hoops recruiting class in at least 10 years. It would be a VERY GOOD class to say the least - I'd argue probably top-10 in the nation.

Either way, we'll keep you abreast of any developments. Find it here first.

*If you're wondering why I didn't elaborate on Carter, he's going to Tech. There's just too much working for them - namely cheating.

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  1. Not gonna get my hopes up yet...but could be a nice turnaround