Monday, November 21, 2011

RIP Larry (1922-2011)

No, I was not alive when Lindsay Scott unnecessarily jumped in the air, cradled the catch, and out-sprinted Florida's defenders in 1980. I was not there to see the "sugar falling from the sky!!!". I was not there when Kevin Butler kicked the 60-yarder. I was not there for a lot of Munson's classic calls. But I certainly remember listening to him on the radio as a kid (you know...back in the old days when only half of our games were televised). By all accounts, Larry had been battling illness for several years now, so his death is not a large surprise. He put in 89 good years and will certainly be missed by college fans in the South (not just Dawg fans).

This week, everyone will reminisce on their favorite Munson memories. And given that it's Tech week -- a team you could tell Larry always wanted to beat -- I decided to share what is, in my opinion, his last great call as a UGA broadcaster. So long Larry...

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  1. Man that is a great call. When Scott mentions that Warr came limping off, Larry laments, "Yeah, I saw him."

    An absolute gem. We miss you Larry!