Friday, November 4, 2011

Hoops Season Starts Tonight! Free on GXtra

7:00 p.m. Tonight, Stegeman Coliseum - Watch on GXTRA FREE

We're pretty stoked about tonight, though we won't be able to be there. Because of some other circumstances we'll (hopefully) be tuning in on the FREE GXtra broadcast of the game. I say hopefully because, well we all know how trying to watch a game on can go - a lot of the "buffering" and a little of the game.

I'd expect that we'll be seeing a starting five of Ware, Robinson, Thornton, D. Williams, and the JUCO transfer Florveus. I think you'll see Caldwel-Pope in there pretty early - maybe the 12 minute and under media timeout or so and that he'll get probably play 25+ minutes, unless something crazy happens. I guess it's possible that we start KCP and shift Thornton down low with Williams, as the Maroon Tigers don't have much size in the paint.

They only have one guy over 6'6 and their best player is 6'4, junior guard Daniyal Faquir, so I'd guess we'll go with the small lineup for a good stretch and try to run a little. Their best guy in the post goes about 6'6 and averaged 8.2 ppg last year, so they definitely might be outmanned down low.

Anyway, it should be an extremely good time, and I'm a little bummed that I won't be going. Hopefully GXtra decideds to work and I can watch it online.

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