Monday, November 14, 2011

Early Take On Hoops Team After Two Games

Oh by the basketball season is underway. Normally, this is an afterthought, as is the case this season because of our football team's recent buzz. But here is something to consider: With possibly no NBA and a few big time players (not our's) electing to return to college, this could be a pretty popular season in college hoops.

So how does our team look thus far? Well, let's start with the good news:

  1. We are 2-0 with victories over Wofford and Bowling Green. 
  2. We have two experienced starting guards (Ware and Robinson) to guide us.
  3. We have a blue-chip freshman on the wing in Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, who has already shown positive flashes
Now the bad news:
  1. Marcus Thornton -- one of our more versatile players on paper --  could be the Richard Samuel of the hoops teams; a ton of talent but can't find a role in which to use it. 
  2. Our inexperienced bigs are going to be a liability early. We got out-rebounded by 12 in the Bowling Green game and they are struggling to provide offensive production and foul too much. 
  3. We play a brutal non conference schedule (which is not all bad) so our overall record could get ugly. 
  4. I'm scared we might lose to Tech (in both sports)
Our next game is Wednesday against South Dakota State. Normally I would write this off as a win but I am not so confident right now. Next Monday in Kansas City, we play Cal and then the winner (or loser) of Missouri and Notre Dame. We will find out really quickly how our team plays against stiff competition. Hopefully Fox will iron out some of the kinks by then.

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  1. If we lose to tech in football, our run defense will lose all respect its been given (a total of TWELVE rush yards against UT, UF, and Auburn). But with techs new bball coach, who knows how good/bad they can be...