Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Could Jarrett Lee Be Suspended?

Although Jordan Jefferson will undoubtedly continue his stint as LSU's starting QB, another guy who started the season under center, Jarrett Lee, might not be available this weekend. Lee pretty much gave way to Jefferson for the starting position after Jefferson relieved him during the Alabama game. But despite LSU building a big lead against Arkansas last weekend, Lee saw exactly zero snaps. And after perusing Tiger message boards, there seems to be rumors emerging that Lee could be in academic trouble and is questionable this weekend. 

The rumor is somewhat verified by the website, which is a sports betting information website that gives injury/suspension reports for each game. Just look at the screenshot below; all of the other injuries or suspensions listed for our game are legit:

Also, during one of Les Miles's press conferences, a question concerning Lee's academic standing was asked by a reporter, who got this response from Miles:

Jarrett Lee Update
Miles was asked on Monday whether Jarrett Lee might be ruled ineligible for a bowl game, because he won't be academically qualified. That could be a reason why Lee has seen only mop up duty the last three weeks. But the head coach said academic issues are a private matter.

Normally, I wouldn't fret over a backup quarterback's availability for a game. But in LSU's case, I think Jordan Jefferson's grip on the starting spot is not as clear-cut as Georgia (or any other top school). In fact, during last week's Arkansas game, CBS' Gary Danielson suggested -- after Jefferson struggled in the first half -- that LSU might put Lee in the game.

What this could mean is this: IF we are able to cause problems for Jefferson, LSU might be stuck with him for the entirety of the game. Keep in mind, Jarrett Lee DID help LSU get off to a 4-0 start, so this story could be an interesting one to watch. Again, this is merely a rumor, and if LSU does to us what they have done to pretty much every other opponent, Lee's availability won't matter in the least.


  1. I have been saying this all year.. Jefferson is the weaklink on that team... he makes bad choices if you flush him out and pop him... he is our best chance to get a turnover

  2. Has there been anything out of B-M regarding Kolton Houston?

  3. That report says Dallas lee and mitchell r out for the lsu game which is not true. Can't be that "legit".

  4. Anon 9:46,
    I haven't heard anything about Houston...his situation has been kept very close to the vest.

    Anon 12:58,
    The "?" means questionable, not "out". Hamstrings can be nagging so that may be their reasoning for leaving Mitchell on the injury report. D. Lee also has a "?".

    Also, CBS is now reporting the Lee rumors might be true:

  5. The Times Picayune's writeup of the game did not ever say Lee could not have played.