Sunday, October 2, 2011

Washington Booked For DUI

Cornelius Davis Washington was booked this morning for DUI and speeding, according to the Jackson County mounties. I believe he was booked sometime around 4:00 am this morning and was released around 8:00 am.

If this holds up, CW will likely be facing a two-gamer per university policy. Coming off two breakout performances, I couldn't help but think that Corny had listened to the podcast and we mad him really, really mad.

Dadgumit. Double dadgumit.


  1. From the Penthouse to the Outhouse in a matter of hours..... Figures the no arrests luck would run out sooner or later, dang it !!

  2. There exists the possibility that CW could be permanently kicked off the team. Isn't that what happened to Demitri Baker last year? I recall he was sent packing as the result of a zero tolerance policy for a DUI arrest. I would hate to lose CW as it looks as though he is coming into his own. He was a monster vs MSU.