Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Video of Franklin and Richt Post Game Conversation

Dawg fans do not have to be reminded of the confrontation between Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin and Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham at the conclusion of Saturday night's game in Nashville. The H2H crew was in attendance and were unable to catch the cause of the melee, but specualtion has been rampant in the days since.

Most tend to agree that Franklin pointed out a UGA player, reportedly Shawn Williams, that had "disrespected" the Commodores immediately following the final play of the game. The extent of Franklin's assertion will continue to be a mystery, but Grantham clearly took exception to Franklin's actions and got in close for some potential hand-to-hand Scottish Highlander combat.

After being separated Franklin did in fact find his way to Coach Richt and the ensuing conversation was partially caught on camera by WSMV Channel 4 out of Nashville. Mash Here. Sorry I tried to embed, but it wasn't cooperating.

In case you couldn't hear or were unable to download the video, Franklin can be heard to say...
"...was rubbing our faces in it right after the game and then your coach, when I told him about it, goes after me and that's when the fight starts."
To which Richt calmly replies in his pensive manor...
"That's what I thought. I apologize." 
I take one thing away from this video. Coach Franklin needs to do some growing up. His comments to Richt seemed childish and can be likened to those of a little brother tattling on big brother for stealing his toys. I appreciate his passion and the "new attitude" he is trying to instill in his players at Vanderbilt, but the post game handshake is not the time or place to call out opposing players and whine about that player's actions during the game. A simple phone call the following morning will suffice.

Now did Grantham overreact? Possibly, but his fire and fervent intensity is both refreshing and gratifying on a team that has long showed little to no emotion. However, keeping composure in this situation is key. Grantham's actions under the circumstances, while admirable, could be viewed as irresponsible and potentially could have caused a riot resulting in injury or suspension for those involved.

Ultimately this is a non-issue and no punishment should be handed down, as the SEC is reviewing the situation. This is football, and passion, along with tempers run high. I imagine the Commissioner's Office will hand down a few slaps on the wrist and implore these coaches to mind their behavior in the future.

 On a side note: if you have the game recorded or can find a lowlight of the post game altercation checkout freshman Ray Drew's reaction. As the shoving begins Drew can be seen on the frontlines of the action. He looks around and calmly places his helmet back on his head as players begin to clash. Smart thinking young man, gotta protect that mellon. It's classic.

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