Tuesday, October 25, 2011

UGA's Secret Gator Weapon

This Saturday when UGA travels south to Jacksonville for the annual "World's Largest Outdoor Politically Correct Gathering" they will have, in their possession, a new weapon to aid in the eradication of those pesky Swamp Lizards from Gainesville. That weapon is a third generation gator killing machine from Louisiana. Some call him the "Bayou Terminator" or the "Alligator Assassin", actually I think I just made those up. So just who is this deadly force of gator annihilating fury? That would be none other than History Channel's own Troy Landry.

Troy doesn't like gators

Hopefully Saturday Troy will hook a couple of  "tree shakas" and "choot 'em" in the head. Here a little video to explain just what I'm talking about.

Hell he might even bring his buddy Junior along for the hunt. He's a seasoned veteran of the bayou himself and is not slouch when it comes to gator killing either.

With the addition of these two fearsome gator killers I'm beginning to feel pretty confident about our chances. Lets bag 'em and tag em' boys and bring home a W!

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