Friday, October 28, 2011

Tweet(S) O' The Day: TEAM COCKTAIL PARTY TWEETS! (W/ Comments)

I'm just gonna throw some random tweets down and give my thoughts. It'd be funnier that way (just trust me).

Guess the folks over at thought they'd start the Cocktail Party at work on Tuesday.

They're probably just spending some extra time at the library. No way they're already headed to St. Simons (on Thursday morning), or thereabout.

I really hope so Chris. Otherwise, I expect a #myteamlosin about midway through the fourth quarter.

Squirrels? That's probably pretty dangerous. Those things do have rabies. Well, unless of course he's talking about those squirrels that run amok in Athens and pay inordinate amounts of money to be in sororities and chase cleats... (which he probably is) Sorry Hunter, don't mean to talk about your besties, but you see what I'm gettin' at?

I'm leaning toward the kind gesture... unless of course he is wearing a yellow, full-length rain jacket and is welding a machete.

Are we talking like Michael Buffer "LIVE" or like a Mel Gibson vs. Master Blaster "live/die" thumbs up/down from Tina Turner without a question mark? I'm gonna say the latter and give a thumbs down.

Alright, we're a three point favorite - to hell with covering... In the words of Snoop (in the words of Al Davis) "JUST WIN BABY, WIN!"

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