Friday, October 14, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: Whew... Austin Long Voices His Opinion

Couple things I'd like to point out here about Keith Stone:

  • He likes his jerky like he like his romance novels - long, spicy, and SMOOTH.

  • If there are girls in trees, he always makes sure to grab the one in a really, really tight outfit with midriff showing and stilettos. It's just good policy.

  • He has a pet falcon that perches on his bare arm. Damn the bird glove - not nearly SMOOTH enough for Keith Stone.

  • Unlike Burt Reynolds, Keith doesn't take his hat off... EVER. Even while reading and pontificating his awesomely honed sense of SMOOTH.

Austin and his younger brother understudy have obviously been closely following the teachings of Dr. Stone. Just check out their Twitter for yourself - it's easy to find. I can only assume that someone much older and wiser than them pointed out the cheap, SMOOTH refinement that 'Stone can provide.

***Be advised, I am most certainly referring EXCLUSIVELY to Keith and the commercials. At no point would I ever even think about speculating that some under age kids enjoyed an "adult beverage". ***

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