Monday, October 10, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: Nothing Sucks Like a What CRob?

I love winning games and talking smack about teams that have an orange color scheme. It's not a good secondary color, much less a primary color, so it makes dropping a few lines pretty much like fish and barrels. Check Christian Robinson's polite little dig on Derek Dooley and the Vol Nation...

You might want to watch out messing with Derek, as mama Dooley will get all up in your grill like she did last week on the radio in Knoxville. I'm not sure, but the "best coach in America" may have been a bit premature. Was it my mom, I might have to tell her to throttle back on that one a little.

Aron White also got a little dig in on the Viles for his birthday. He was quite pleased that the Vomit Orange Nation was so hospitable after the game.

In Aron's defense, we ventured out to the Vol Navy Saturday (which was probably the best decision ever - as you'll see in this weeks Tales From the Tailgate) and the people were probably as nice as any fans I've ever met. I actually kind of feel bad for speaking ill of the fan base after our talk with Joe on his boat Saturday.

Eh, well maybe not bad...

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  1. They were very nice to me as well. Everywhere I went... except frr the kids...every kid i saw either slapped me with an orange pom pom or yelled.. "you're goin down!!!"

    Anyway, there is NO better feeling than how i felt walking out of there saturday night... NOTHIN sucks like a big orange.