Monday, October 17, 2011

Tweet O' the Day: Jenkins Was Warned?!

Apparently Saturday's officiating crew for the Vanderbilt game was not only horrible; but weren't fans of the WWE either and did not appreciate John Jenkins' impersonation of wrestling superstar John Cena.

Really? Come on stripes, how would you justify that flag? Unnecessary Roughness? It's football ladies and gentlemen not cricket! If the ref had flagged Big Daddy Jenks, I for one would not have been upset if John had politely hoisted said zebra above his head and placed him in the Torture Rack. 

In fact consider this an official request for just such a maneuver to be administered in Jacksonville and feel free to use your full repertoire of techniques, including the choke-slam and DDT. Keep doing what you love Jenkins.


  1. I never saw Fairley get flagged for it????

  2. Big john is gonna give a rock bottom to little rainey in 2 weeks..... Cant wait, keep ballin out big dawg

  3. Consider what happened in Knoxville when Gilliard did not drive Lane into the almost cost us a huge play.