Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tweet 'O The Day: Food For Thought From Reuben Faloughi

I thought a tweet from Faloughi would be appropriate given that his playing time is likely to increase due to  Cornelius Washington's two-game suspension. At 6-5 255, Faloughi is more than capable -- in terms of size -- of filling in for Washington. Most likely, I would suspect you will see a revolving door at this OLB spot, with Chase Vasser, Faloughi, and of course, Ray Drew rotating in and out. Richt has been very mum on who exactly will start in his spot, but I don't see us throwing out any surprises this Saturday.

Anyway, as for his tweet, Faloughi appears to be an amateur philosopher:

Ah yes...spoken like a future coach perhaps? Anyway, you can't help but to be impressed by the former walk-on, who has made the most of his opportunity at UGA. Here is a pretty good interview of Faloughi explaining how he made his unlikely path to Georgia:

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