Monday, October 3, 2011

Tweet O' the Day: Do Players Know What's Now at Stake?

After a weekend of disheartening news surrounding the football team, it would seem that some of the guys might not know the gravity of the situation in the SEC East. But is that really the truth?

Take a look below for somewhat of an answer...

I think the guys realize that they pretty much just started the season anew after Saturday. I know that the whole Cornelius situation might indicate otherwise, but I think he just made some bad decisions. From what I've heard he's a good kid, so, while this is a very, very serious crime, thankfully no one was hurt and he'll hopefully learn a good lesson.

So in case your were wondering, yeah, they know. I mean, did you really expect that they wouldn't? After all, they're the ones that are out there cracking skulls.

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