Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: Dawgs Playing Rocky Top in the Weight Room?

Can this be true? An aberration of a song being played at such a fine institution as the University of Georgia? Well, the only thing that I can think of that this could be used for is driving all the feral cats from the back alley between Sanford/Brooks and the Founders Garden. But alas, as you can see, our team has been blaring it in the weight room of late...

Leave it to the rooks to make a move like that. I'll bet they were just playing it to help peel the paint in the weight room or perhaps they, for some unknown reason, needed a quick ear bleed. I guess that it could've been they all put Bubba Teeth in and paraded around in overalls for a while and they needed some juking music.

Watts, I really don't understand this, as you're from Dalton, but I guess I'll give you a pass because you can pull off such a TFM like a bow tie (as evidenced above). 

Honestly, all fun aside, I hate to admit it, but Rocky Top is just too good of a damn song to hate as much as I do during a football game once a year. If you're from Tennessee, you pretty much know this song directly out of the womb. I've even heard that it's a requirement for all kids to be able to whistle it and spit tobacco in order to graduate kindergarten. That's ALL kids, not just all those spoiled rich kids.

I'll probably hear it way more than I want to Saturday, but I sure as hell hope not - my head might explode.

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  1. Yeah but after they've all heard 12000 times by Friday, they're going to be meaner than, well, hopefully a junkyard dog