Monday, October 31, 2011

Tweet 'O The Day: Coach Fox Weighs In on GA/FL

I'm sure most of us are still waiting on the dust to settle after the Dawgs' huge win in Jacksonville this past weekend, and for good reason. It also appears that the recent successes on the gridiron prompted UGA basketball coach, Mark Fox, to do a little tweeting over the weekend (most recent ones start on top):

As you can see, even Fox seems to know that football will always be our wife, but hoops can be our very attractive no-strings-attached mistress on the side. Also, as you may have noticed, the hoops team is in full swing as it pertains to practicing. HERE is a clip of Fox and Dustin Ware at the annual SEC Media Day for hoops. Don't look now but the first exhibition game is this Friday against Morehouse. 

We'll have plenty more on the football team in the coming days, as we have what COULD be (with a little help from Arkansas) one the biggest home games in a LONG time on the horizon (Auburn).

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