Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tweet O' the Day: Boykin Having Issues?

When not picking off passes, returning 100 yard kick returns for touchdowns, or displaying his general awesomeness Brandon Boykin doesn't like people touching his stuff, specifically his food!

Hmm...is Brandon a bit of a germaphobe? I think maybe so, but hey you are not alone Brandon. Just check out this list of some famous germaphobes.
  • Howie Mandel: game show host
  • Donald Trump: owner of the worst hairdo on the planet
  • Howard Hughes: inventor, director, aviator, my role model
  • Glenn Beck: political talk show host
  • Cameron Diaz: questionable acting skills, but HOT!

So he's in good company. It's safe to say that Brandon probably would've starved in my high school lunchroom, but I'm with ya Brandon, would it have killed her to put on some gloves? I'm more shocked that bacon is still on the new football meal plan. Furthermore, how does Boykin maintain that -14% body fat if he's eating bacon, well technically he didn't eat it i guess. 

Bacon eating germaphobe?


  1. Man he looks like a beast in that picture!!! If only I could eat bacon and look like that!! Ha

  2. Cameron Diaz was hot 10 years ago.

  3. I wouldn't call that "good company".
    Mandel is awful and hasn't done anything good since Bobby's World.
    Trump ruined the USFL.
    Hughes, I'll give you although he went batguano insane.
    Glenn Beck doesn't even have redeeming qualities before his insanity/idiocy.
    And Diaz has the body of an 8 yr old boy.