Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: Andrews, Dantzler, and Long Get Halloweeny

There are two occasions during the year that get me excited about dressing up - Halloween and National Thelma and Louise Cross-dressing Day... Uh... Well, maybe I should've kept that last one to myself, but nonetheless Halloween is FUN.

Why is it so much fun you ask?
  • You can wear your Prince outfit without all the usual "Who is that weirdo dressed like clown with a scarf and a motorcycle" talk.
  • Eating a sh*t ton of candy and throwing up whole candy corns is not only ok, but encouraged.
  • You: "Hey (random girl name) you look like a big slut in that outfit you have on - How much, how much (in best Borat voice)?"
  • Her: (giggles) "You're so hilarious Jimmy... But that girl (who's skirt is the exact same length), what a ho. I mean... coming in here looking like a total skeeze.
Most of all it's fun because you can wear (or not wear) stuff like our freshman o-linemen below.

If you can't dress up like a Chippendale's dancer in college and have fun, what can you do? I mean, you probably get like 12 million complimentary belly rubs from random sorority chicks - what's wrong with the world if that can't happen?

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