Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday Thrash: Kwame + S. Williams, "You're the Best"

James Franklin to Vanderbilt center Logan Stewart: "Sweep the Leg". In case you haven't heard, Kwame Geathers AND Shawn Williams are suspended by the for the first half of the Florida game by the SEC for their actions in the Vandy game. Williams thew a sort of punch, or club, to a Vanderbilt player after he pushed Williams after the whistle. Kwame's retaliation was a quick hook into the side of Logan Stewart, AFTER Stewart completely took out Kwame's legs from behind. Just look at the video:

Personally, I don't blame Kwame for this one, and in both instances, it was the "second guy" who got caught (although Logan Stewart is also suspended for Vandy). Also interesting is how Kwame's dad, Robert Geathers Sr., reacted to the suspension:

"I've played football and been around football all my life," Robert Geathers Sr., told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "and if you watch it you see this kid speed up while everybody else is slowing down and he's locked in on my son's leg. If you look closely you can see the guy give a thumbs up to the sideline and the coach telling him 'good job.' I was, like, 'Wow!' I could be sitting here today telling you how my son's surgery went."

I just think Vandy and James Franklin were taking advice from Cobra Kai dojo sensei John Kreese. Think about it:
  •  They were wearing all black for our game
  •  They weren't afraid to use dirty tactics, just like Cobra Kai
  • Their coach reacted out of emotion; in Franklin's case, he bitched to the coaches. In Karate Kid, Kreese punched out a car window.

And I guess Todd Grantham played the part of Ralph Macchio...


  1. where do yall stand on Mark Richt calling S. Williams a dumbass and TG's behavior "horse sh*t" in the post game handshake with Franklin?

  2. Joe,

    I think Richt just wanted to hurry up the handshake and get everyone off the field, so he said what Franklin wanted to hear. It wouldn't surprise me if Richt made a call to him the next day after the dust settled.

  3. Coach Mark Richt is some real bull shit for call his player some shit like that