Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday Thrash: Could Richt Be in "Dire Straits"?

I hate to put forth such a negative query just two days before the big game, but here is my logic: I have attended ten Florida games in my lifetime. Now, of those ten, guess how many we have won? Answer: ONE (2007). So you see, can our luck get any worse? Here are the years and results of the games I have attended:

1995: Lost 52-17 (in Athens)
1998: Lost 38-7
1999: Lost 30-14
2001: Lost 24-10
2005: Lost 14-10
2006: Lost 21-14
2007: WON 42-30
2008: Lost 49-10
2009: Lost 41-17
2010: Lost 34-31

A 1-9 record. That's a lot of losing folks. The good news? I have become numb to it. Well, not numb, but I have learned to tolerate it and block out all smack talk from Gator fans after the game. As a matter of fact, I issue a challenge to Gator fans: If/when Florida wins Saturday, just try to hurt my feelings. I bet you can't do it.

Anyway, in addition to my own poor performance in Jax, Richt has not fared much better (2-8). And if you believe what you hear, this could be a must-win for the head man. A loss would not eliminate us from SEC East contention, but it would leave me in a half-comatose walk back from the stadium (where I will NOT be bothered by Gator fans), and a head coach who will NOT sleep very well...

Oh, and two more things:
  1. The video below is one of Van Dawgin's FAVORITE songs (sarcasm), so enjoy.
  2. This entire post is a huge attempt at a reverse jinx. I don't think it will work but we shall see.


  1. So all this is probably your fault. Stay your ass home and we might win.

  2. Obviously, this guy didn't read the part about the reverse-jinx.

  3. Captain Obv,

    Yep, he only read the first paragraph...but that's okay.