Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mucho Hardwood News on the Eve of Opening Practice

Believe it or not, just as we enter the heart of football season, the Hoop Dawgs' first official practice is scheduled for tomorrow night. I'm sure we will have a more thorough preview at a later date, but I wanted to point out some of our most recent hoop news first:
  • Jay Rome has said he has talked to Coach Fox and that basketball is "definitely going to happen". I'm not sure what role Rome will play on the team, but at the very least he could provide a big, strong scout team body. At best he could be the next Larry Brown and actually make an impact
  • Four-star 2012 PF Robert Carter will be making his official visit to UGA this weekend. This is would be a HUGE get for Fox and Co., and you have to figure this is one of the coaches' last opportunities to woo him. Reading between the lines, it looks like he is down to Tech and Georgia as his final two schools.
  • Here is a link to Mark Fox's pre-season press conference (sorry, but does not provide the ability to embed video...jerks.) Here are a few tidbits from Fox:
    • Donte Williams has apparently gained 21 pounds since last season. This is big news because he could be thrown into the starting lineup. At the very least he will be one of the first guys off the bench. Last season you could tell he was undersized and ultimately struggled against bulkier teams. Hopefully the added weight will help him blossom.
    • Likewise, Dustin Ware has lost 10 pounds during the offseason. Fox said he has gotten noticeably quicker and more agile for his senior campaign. 
    • Of the new big guys on campus, here is a brief summary: John Florveus is the most athletic (and most ready), John Cannon is the most physical, Nemanja Djurisic is the most skilled, and Tim Dixon is a "good shooter". Too bad we can't just combine them into one player.
    • He also said Marcus Thornton has cross-trained to play the "3" and the "4" this season (meaning he can play wing or down low). Personally, I think he should be moved permanently to the 4 but then again...I don't watch him practice every day. 
    • KCP can play pretty much any backcourt position.
    • Vince Williams has a 47" vertical leap, and Dustin Ware's is 40". Wowzers. 
Other than that, Fox said more of the usual stuff (tough schedule/got to replace Leslie and Thompkins, etc.) Anyway, I'm started to get genuinely excited about the season and as I said above, we'll have a super duper blowout preview edition ahead. 

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  1. UGA football is about to be 5-2 on the season and UGA basketball is about to start practice.Life is good!