Monday, October 17, 2011

A Look Back at an Underrated UGA Victory Over UF

I can remember watching the '97 Cocktail Party as a kid, and even as an 11-year old, could tell how much the game meant to Dawg fans (the first game I really remember was the '95 Peach Bowl...we won't talk about that one). Unfortunately, I also attended the ensuing Auburn game that same year, where we pretty much gave it all back and chocked away our SEC East chances.

After searching the net for years, I finally found some good highlights from the game, with Munson's commentary. For those who have not heard it, I think you will enjoy; it's a very underrated Munson game in my opinion. Robert Edwards ran for 4 TDs this game, as Georgia won 37-17 as a 20-point underdog (I never really understood this line since we only had one loss heading into this game).

Anyway, here is a nice trek down memory lane, as -- apparently -- hate week starts a week early:

Georgia vs. Florida 1997 by lanekiffinshow


  1. Great memories, thanks for posting! I was a freshman and sitting in that front row where Edwards dove in. I bought that game's highlite video "FINALLY!" with Larry Munson's calls. Also,I wish the Dawgs still wore those shiny silver britches now. The current dull grey/off white look terrible and cheap. The team needs to go back to the shiny silver britches!!

  2. Greatest blog post ever, on any blog. Seriously got chill bumps

    This is the first game I can really remember as well, 10 years old. I remember after the game ended I ran outside to where my brothers and friends were playing football across the street, I kept yelling we won the gator bowl, we won the gator bowl! Then I proceeded to whip all their asses in a little pick up football, like usual haha

    Your right though, Watching that game with my dad and uncle really made me realize how big this game really is.

    10 years later as a freshman in college I made it to jacksonville for the first time. found 3 tickets from an alum, lower level 30 yard line. 70 bucks total. Got a text from my friend who was a walk on but didnt dress that said "Watch out for a crazy celebration after we score this TD." 2 plays later I screamed about as loud as I've ever screamed in my entire life.. and never sat back down the entire game.

    I love georgia, I hate fla. Lets do it again this year!

  3. this just got me really excited about ga/fl in 2 weeks. go dawgs