Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lattimore vs. Ingram vs. Dyer vs. Crowell Through 1st 5 Games

I'm sure you've already seen this and I really hate comparing our guy to a Cock, but I thought this was appropriate. By this time last year the media was "all up on Lattimore's nuts", but have they been as complementary toward our guy this year? I'd say no, but I guess you can decided for yourself. Here's the stats:

Lattimore: 2010 - RSH: 107 for 459 (4.29 YPC) and 8TD/ REC: 8 for 81 and 1TD

Ingram: 2009 - RSH: 83 for 485 (5.84 YPC) and 6TD/ REC: 14 for 147 and 3TD

Dyer: 2010 - RSH: 69 for 334 (4.84 YPC) and 2TD/ REC: 1 for 9 and 0TD

Crowell: 2011 - RSH: 99 for 515 (5.2 YPC) and 2TD/ REC: 3 for 52 and 1TD

I know that the Ingram line doesn't make a lot of sense here, but I thought I'd throw it in anyway. He was a first year starter, but he didn't have to carry the load because of the surprise they had in Richardson (who is better than Ingram, IMO).

I really don't understand why Lattimore got so much cred last year. Actually, I can guess why, but it doesn't make sense because it's a double standard, as Carolina wasn't expected to be good and they whomped us over there.

Either way, that should put in perspective just how good he's been - just in case you are completely oblivious and didn't know it.

Keep it up, we need it.


  1. Lattimore is a flat out stud. He isn't going to be denied around the goal line and during crucial parts of the game. Without him, South Carolina would have been a .500 team last year and would be again this year.

  2. While I firmly believe Georgia will always get hosed in terms of the media, you change those 2 rushing tds to a 4 or a 6, and he'll start to garner the attention.

  3. It's definitely the TD's and the W-L record that are big part of the lack of love. Regardless, it's very cool to see those stats.