Monday, October 3, 2011

The Last Night Game UGA Played in Knoxville Was...

I'll give you a hint -- it involved a very long punt return by one of our future NFL safeties. Yes, it was the 2003 game, and #11 Georgia pounded #7 Tennessee 41-14. The Sean Jones fumble return occurred at the end of the first half with UGA leading 13-7. In case you have no earthly idea what I am talking about, here is the video with Munson's call...

I have another trivia question that only the most hardcore Dawg fans might know: who was our leading rusher that game? Just take a look at the box score on offense:

I know, Ronnie Powell? Bizarre. This would be the equivalent of Ken Malcome leading us in rushing this season (sadly). Anyway, I always love the night games in Knoxville, even though we have tended to lose them over the years. And this year's game is all of a sudden a very big one for UGA (and a victory would be the Vitamin C to Mark Richt's scurvy). We'll have plenty more on this game in tomorrow's edition of Hedge Talk, but I thought a look back at some recent UGA history was good Monday fodder. 

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  1. It's great to hear a real professianal call a game. I was traveling back home during the game last weekend listening to the win and afterwards I tuned over to the USC-Auburn game. Those announcers were terrible! They were such homers which all seem to be in the SEC and is forgivable, but they would get so excited durign big plays that you couldn't understand a word they were saying therefore had no idea what was going on in the game. Us UGA fans should count ourselves so lucky over the years for having such talent painting us the picture of UGA football for so many Saturdays over the years.