Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jarvis Jones vs. Justin Houston

Through seven games outside linebacker Jarvis Jones is more than holding his own and has become a star in the making in Grantham's 3-4 defense. Jones, who transferred from USC and sat out last season due to NCAA rules, was expected to step and fill the void left by the early departure of Justin Houston.

Physically Jones is bit smaller than the 6-3 270 Houston, as Jones is listed at 6-3 241. However Jones does appear to be a step or so faster than the bigger Houston.

To this point Jarvis has picked right up were Justin left off, in fact through the first seven games Jones' production has been very comparable to that of Houston's last season. Here are the numbers through seven games.

Jarvis has been in on slightly more tackles than Houston, but hasn't made quite as many stops behind the line of scrimmage, specifically in the sack department. Jones has not struggled in this regard by any means, and in fact has more quarterback pressures than any other member of the Bulldog defense.

Jarvis will continue to improve and those sacks numbers should increase with time. NFL scouts aren't drooling over Jones just yet, but he still has two years to play and will be a big name come draft time in a couple of years.

Jones' steady production combined with the emergence of Cornelius Washington has helped UGA's defense vastly improve in year two under Todd Grantham. Let's hope that Jones can stay healthy and that production continues.


  1. I think Jones is more consistent and mobile than Houston. Jones plays hard on every play of the game and seems to be in on a lot more plays than Houston was during his career. Houston was a more flashy player, because of his size and ability to get to the QB. Jones is a blue collar "get it done" type of player. For my money I'll take Jarvis Jones over Justin Houston.

  2. Won't Jarvis have only one more year at this pace.? He would go in the finish of his Jr year. One year at USC plus this year plus next year will be all, I'm afraid.

  3. Anon 11:49, yes Houston was a WLB and I'm aware that Washington slid over to that position this season. I am comparing Jarvis' production to Houston due simply to the fact that he his the newcomer at OLB and many expected him to match what Houston did a season ago. Thanks for reading.