Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hoops Season Starts THIS WEEK! A Few Tidbits as Well

This week begins Georgia's fall basketball practice slate, in case you didn't know. Mark Fox will have a live chat Thursday on at 1pm, which we will likely be sitting in on and giving updates via Twitter, but more importantly, practice starts Friday night. Here's a tweet from yesterday out of Coach Fox:

As for a few tidbits, here's what Fox is saying about the team this year:

  • Looks like early rumors of Florveus being the most ready to play of the newcomers were true. He's likely the most athletic of the youngsters as well at 6'11 and 230.
  • Cannon is the most physical.
  • Nemi looks like probably the most skilled guy, as far as polish to his game of the big men.
  • Versatility is going to be the name of the game and mis-matches are going to try to be exploited a lot. Kentavious can play the 2 or the 3 with a lot of skill and Thornton can pop in and out a little more efficiently this year.
  • The Nick Marshall project may or may not work out. In my opinion, Marshall is not going to make it to the hoops squad. I keep hearing that a lot of coach-speak about this topic that doesn't engender much confidence that he'll contribute on the hoops squad.
  • The team appears to be in very good shape. Hopefully this will be directly related to the amount of floor we run compared to last year.

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