Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hoops Recruiting Update (Oct. 6)

The remaining "big three" targets for UGA's 2012 recruiting class have been quiet lately, but we do have some recent news on all three guys:

1. Shaq Goodwin (6-8 PF) -- It has become pretty clear that UGA and Memphis are easily his top two schools. I had thought UGA was at the top of Goodwin's list for quite a while. Then, I saw the following update on twitter from "PM Hoops" a couple of days ago (PMH is a site that covers Memphis area hoops):

It should be noted that Taylor Davey works for Memphis' site, so these guys are Memphis homers. It still concerns me, as maybe this guy knows something I don't. Remember, Goodwin STILL says he wants to play both sports, and UGA certainly has the best to offer in the gridiron department. I don't think he will be committing anytime soon but you never know. There are still other schools tugging at his coat tails (UCONN, Arizona, and UCLA to name a few).

2. Robert Carter (6-8 PF) -- It looks like we may get a commitment from Carter before the other two guys (not necessarily a UGA commitment). Carter has said he wants to commit before the early signing period, which is in the middle of November. Reading between the lines, it looks like UGA and GA Tech are going to be battling it out for Carter. He already has official visits set up to UGA and Tech, and he also plans on visiting Florida State, Florida and Maryland. I still say Tech will be our toughest competitor for Carter.

3. Tony Parker (6-9 PF) -- Just read this article and you will understand why I have ZERO faith we will get a commitment from Parker. It seems clear to me that -- even though I think we are still recruiting him -- UCLA and/or Duke are much higher on his list, for obvious reasons. If something drastic changes we will let you know. 

Overall I am a lot more encouraged about UGA's standing with Carter, but I am a little more worried about Shaq Goodwin. In my opinion it is almost imperative that Fox and Co. land at least one of these guys, as we must start reeling in these top in-state players. 

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