Wednesday, October 19, 2011

H2H Playbook: Diagram of Marlon's Big Touchdown

It does seem like every time the H2H guys "call out" a UGA player for underperforming, he ends up improving drastically (C. Washington, C. Thomas, and Big Jenks to name a few). And this week, another guy, Marlon Brown, stepped up with a couple of HUGE grabs in the game (and he could have had a few more).

Right after Vandy had cut our lead to 26-21 at the end of the 3rd quarter, the Dawgs were faced with a crucial 3rd and 10 on the ensuing drive. What happened next was a 75-yard touchdown pass from Murray to a WIDE OPEN Marlon Brown. But why was he wide open you ask? Essentially, Vanderbilt was in a two-deep zone (Cover 2) and Georgia sent three players deep; someone was bound to be open.  Take a look at the play diagram below (the red bubbles are the defensive players' zones):

As you can see, the deep safety on the right (the side Marlon and Aron White were on) has to make a decision: Does he take White on the post route or chase Marlon deep? As you will see in the video below (and in the small print on the diagram), the safety takes White over the middle. Meanwhile, the corners were of little help because they simply "bumped" the outside receivers as they went by and sat in the flats, which was their zone. The end result was a wide open Marlon Brown who, once he got past the corner, never got touched again....

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  1. You guys have a week and a half to start calling out more players. Get on it!