Monday, October 3, 2011

Dust Settled, Where Are The Dawgs?

In a few ways the weekend was a disappointing one: deflating win (if that's possible) and a very big hiccup by one of the leaders on the team and our number one sack artist. But in a lot of other ways, there now stands a little more hope than there was before and a glimmer of a chance that we could be playing in the Dome once again come December.

Seemingly, everything happened this weekend that we needed to. I had to cheer for Auburn and, reluctantly, it worked. I also had to cheer for Bama, which was much less painful, until I actually watched the game and injured my spine just witnessing the punishment Dont'a Hightower and crew doled out. I can't say that I remember Florida ever getting hammered like that, which made me smile inside.

A couple of notes from both of those games:
  • I can't stand Will Muschamp. He's a clown. If you line Mark Richt and Will up on a spectrum, they're pretty much the polar opposite of one another. There's a happy medium. Both of these attitudes KILL me.
  • Stephen Garcia is terrible. I'd expect to see Connor Shaw this week versus Kentucky.
  • Lattimore gets 17 carries for 66 and a touchdown? Only three of those came in the 4th quarter. I can't figure out why Spurrier went completely away from him late. Cock fans are already conceding the season. Are you surprised?
  • Brantley has a "high-ankle sprain" according to sources close to the situation. I'd estimate a return by the Georgia game is questionably even if that is the truth, which I don't believe for a second. It's way too hush-hush. He couldn't even put weight on it when he went straight to the locker room.
  • I thought a Bama player might decapitate one of those skinny Florida track guys. I can't remember a more violent game.

So, as of now the SEC standing look like this:

Considering that Florida will have to play at Death Valley this weekend without their starting QB, I'm not expecting a victory. Carolina has a very tough remaining schedule at Arkansas and with UF at home (depending on if Brantley is back by then), so it would appear that they might scuffle away another game or two. Based on Saturday, they just don't seem like a very good team, as the parts aren't adding up to a whole for some reason.

So that brings us to the Dawgs. If we take care of business, it looks like we'll have a chance to be playing in the Dome again this season. That's a big IF (and I'm knocking on wood here), but I'd have to say that even if I was completely objective, based on what I've seen the last two weeks, the Dawgs look like the favorite to win the East.

That's a far cry from where I thought we'd be after the Carolina game and, given our track record lately, it may be a far cry from where we end up, but it appears that it's up for the taking now. Based on what I've seen from the offense though, I just hope that the defense can hold everyone to three points. 

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