Monday, October 10, 2011

Analyzing Upcoming Key Games for Dawgs

It's official, the SEC East is now up for grabs. Granted, the winner will probably lose to Alabama by about 5 touchdowns in the SEC Championship game, but still. Television "experts" are now assuming Georgia is the current front-runner for the East title. Personally I don't like this label, but you can easily make an argument for the Dawgs' chances; we are currently 3-1 in conference play, which leaves us tied with S.C. (although Carolina currently holds the tie-breaker).  And if you look at each team's schedule, the Dawgs have to like their chances (I'm knocking on wood here).

First, take a look at South Carolina's upcoming games:

I don't put too much stock in SC's huge win over lowly Kentucky. The Cats have all kinds of issues and Carolina took out a little of their offensive frustration on UK. Surely the Cocks will lose at least one of these upcoming four games. Won't they?

Florida is currently 2-2 in SEC play, and faces a tricky road game at Auburn this weekend, where they haven't won since 1999. If you look at the big picture though, we have to win our games anyway, and that would include our upcoming matchup against UF. So for now, the Gators' performance this weekend should not matter. 

There are other key games I have not mentioned: like...ALL of Georgia's remaining games. If we lose to Florida, it becomes VERY unlikely -- though not impossible -- for us to win the East. We would need two Carolina losses, and an additional Florida loss (like this weekend against Auburn). 

In summation, it looks like the Cocktail Party will be more nerve-racking  than ever. And by the way, we need to beat Vandy this weekend...just sayin'. 

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  1. I thought you were going to ignore the Vandy game until your last sentence. We must concentrate on next weeks game and take nothing for granted. If we beat Vandy, and then knock off Florida, I like our chances of getting to the SECCG in Atlanta in December.