Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Who Will Replace Ogletree?

I guess a better question is "Who should replace Ogletree?". Obviously, the "coaches choice" during the game after the injured Alec Ogletree limped out seemed to be...uh...Jeremy Sulek. Now...no offense to Jeremy Sulek, but...offense to Jeremy Sulek. He's obviously a very hard worker and the coaches say he knows the position better than any other backup. But there is a reason he came in as a walk-on. Anyway, here is my full list of candidates best suited to replace 'Tree:

  • Mike Gilliard -- In terms of size he is the best candidate in my opinion. He's 6-2 230 and being a junior, is also probably our most experienced despite only having 15 career tackles. He has mostly played on special teams in his career but is probably our best overall candidate. 
  • Amario Herrera -- Like Gilliard, Herrera has great size (also about 6-2 230). The bad news: he's only a true freshman and that would be asking a lot of him with Mr. Lattimore and the OBC coming to town. He probably has the most raw talent but he just doesn't have the experience. Either way, the four-star recruit should get some playing time this weekend. 
  • Jeremy Sulek -- I mean, if the coaches liked him enough to put him in a tough spot last weekend, why not again? But he is only listed at 6-1 209, so I don't like the prospects of him busting through the line and taking on Lattimore...not pretty.
Guess what? Other than Christian Robinson, those are the only remaining inside linebackers listed on the roster. Brandon Burrows, another freshman, is out for the season with a shoulder injury. But there is one more possible option -- I wouldn't be surprised to see Jarvis Jones slide over to Ogletree's inside linebacker spot and let T.J. Stripling, Reuben Faloughi, and/or Chase Vasser take his spot on the outside. Sounds a bit crazy but we don't have a lot of options here. 

If you break it down further, we really don't have a ton of depth at ANY position group. And after watching the replay, I thought it was interesting that the announcers specifically pointed out Richt's concern for inside linebacker depth BEFORE the Ogletree injury. Oh well...someone better step up or this weekend is going to be a heat filled Marcus Lattimore Heisman Showcase. 

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