Monday, September 19, 2011

West Virginia Joining the SEC?

With Syracuse and Pittsburgh already headed to the ACC, it now appears the SEC may have their "mystery 14th team" to join Texas A&M. Jason Kirk, who writes for, posted this article last night concerning West Virginia's contact with the SEC. Here is an excerpt:

"According to a sourced report by Colin Dunlap, the West Virginia Mountaineers have already "sent paperwork" to the SEC. Dunlap was the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Pittsburgh Pirates beat writer whom you may remember as the guy Bill Stewart tried to sic on Dana Holgorsen. He now works for CBS' Pittsburgh affiliate...
...If the report is true, that would mean WVU is in. Nobody sends paperwork in this situation unless they're sure the paperwork will achieve its desired result. If the report is true, of course."
IF the above report comes to fruition, you have to think Mike Slive and the SEC is motivated to go after WVU for the following reasons:
  1. As I said above, you have to have an even number of teams; 13 just doesn't work
  2. It expands the conference's geographic "footprint", and brings in the coveted "new television market"
  3. West Virginia is a good enough program to compete in football, and is certainly good enough in men's basketball, the second most popular sport.
  4. Their head football coach has a 1985 Phil Collins mullet -- actually I'm not sure if Slive is considering this but he should
Personally, I don't have a problem with West Virginia, but it does make me wonder if/why Virginia Tech wasn't "the team". Again, the West Virginia information is still in the "rumor" stage, but it does come from a guy who works for an actual news organization, so we shall see.

***UPDATE (1:20 PM)***: The same writer, Jason Kirk, has now posted another article claiming that Missouri, and not W. Virginia, could be the 14th team. Here is an excerpt from the new article:

"The West Virginia Mountaineers may indeed want to join the SEC, as was reported earlier, but according to a tweet by Sports Illustrated's Andy Staples, the Missouri Tigers are a more likely bet to actually get in. It's interesting to note that the only reports claiming WVU will make it in are coming out of Mountaineers markets, while no SEC outlets have reported the same from the other side of the alleged bargain."

Things are gettin' crazy now.


  1. I live in Wv and I am a huge SEC fan. However, WVu to the SEC is a poor decision. WVU fans in morgantown are busch league. Few years ago, a vt fan used a portable jon and the wvu fans pushed it over. WVU fans has thrown batteries and oranges at the visiting team and rocked a bus from pitt before. WVU now serves beer and will be throwing beer on the opposing players. They wear shirts with West F##### Virginia on them. They have 1.9 million ppl in the whole state. 22,000 enrollment. DC TV market? Yea right, no one in DC cares about WV football. They care about VT and Redskins, so therefore no TV market because they shared with Pittsburg and now they are in the ACC. Not really known as academic school either Of course Top 5 party school. Stadium size is about 63,000 which is 18,000 less from avg SEC stadium and roughly 44,000 less from TN. WVU is a contender in the BIG EAST, but not dominant. I think you need to be dominant in your conference before you can get a upgrade. WVU will dilute the SEC quality. I hope all the SEC officials go to the LSU/WVU game and get beer throwned on them this week and see how class-less WVU really is. That's why I abandon my state and went to the SEC because the SEC is first class, which is something WVU doesn't know about. PLEASE MIKE SLIVE don't stoop so low to get these misfits from morgantown. They bring no rivilaries either. There are plenty of really good choices like FSU, CLemson, MISSOURI, LOUISVILLE, and VIRGINIA TECH which all bring something to the table. FSU and CLEMSON are schools in SEC territory, national prestige, former hismans, and former national champions and plus instant rivilaries. Geographically it does make sense. Missouri brings St. Louis and Kansas City markets, great academic school, decent fan base. Virginia Tech have been dominant in the ACC since joining in 04, 68k stadium, which needs to be 80k plus, but that's a minor adjustment. Hard core fans. Louisville brings solid basketball, instant rivilary with UK and Louisville TV market. All these make sense, not WVU. There is a reason why the BIG TEN and ACC doesn't want WVU and frankly I don't want the best conference (SEC) to get BIG EAST'S sloppy seconds from the ACC. We are better than that as a conference. David

  2. David,

    Believe you me, I know about WVU's fans ('05 Sugar Bowl). My guess (if this report is true) is that VA Tech didn't want to leave, as it looks like the SEC's motivation is to reach a different geographic market. We already have the South Carolina, Florida and Kentucky markets (so no Clemson, FSU or Louisville) and my guess is Missouri is looking to the Big Ten.

  3. I wasn't in the Dome for 2 min before I had a beer in my face from a WVU probably didn't help that I was yellin' "YELLOW, YELLOW, YELLOW'S THE COLOR OF PISS!!" though! lol Oh well...that's what happens when you're tailgating for 7+ hours!

    I agree with Dave that there are other schools better suited for the SEC than WVU, but I also see Dawgola's point too....guess we'll just have to wait and see how things unfold.

    GO DAWGS!!!!

  4. Why isn't Missouri being taken more seriously? WVU is a bad idea and I just don't understand it. For that matter, A&m is a bad idea.

    If I were Slive, I'd walk into ESPN's offices and tell them to void the current contract or they can't air any SEC games ever again. We have the power - not ESPN. From what I understand, the only reason we're considering adding teams is to void the ESPN contract, correct?

    If that's the case, why not use the plan that many NFL players use?? Just quit playing and ask for the deal to be broken....

  5. Atlanta Maids,

    Check my update in the above article. It now appears Missouri to the SEC has legs.

  6. If Missouri were to come aboard in the SEC would that not overload the Western side of the Conference. And if that were the case would it make sence to realign the conference and move the 2 Alabama schools to the East side of the conference? And if that happened you would have Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, ALL in the same sub-confersence. Does that sound fair to anyone?

  7. wvu would beat most teams in the sec like we will on saturday against lsu. New coach new look, and wvu will kill the sec in basketball. So dont be pussys and get a ranked team in there since they are so easy to beat

  8. we would beat your ass in basketball for starters. second of all, we beat Georgia, Mississippi St. twice, split with Auburn and lost in death valley and should have won. If mississippi st. can be ranked in the SEC, what really makes you think wvu would get slaughtered. Mind you, we had that success against SEC teams with BIG EAST recruits. we would definately get better recruits in the SEC. If you guys were afraid of anyone it looks like it should have been Boise. Tell mark Richt i said thanks for all the laughable Georgia seasons in recent memory...... By the way, just something to chew on: WVU has a top 50 Medical School and and a top 60 Law School. Check who all in the SEC they rank ahead of. i think you will be surprised. see you in morgantown in a couple years bitches

  9. Georgia basketball dome looks like shit on this website compared to WVU. I guess not everyone can have Huggs.

  10. These last three ANON asshats are precisely why WVU is a bad choice. We're talking fish and barrels.

  11. Anon 12:17, 12:19

    I can promise you basketball will have NO influence as to whether WVU joins the conference. And FWIW no one has said WV can't compete in the SEC so don't be so hostile.