Monday, September 12, 2011

Well, UGA is Running Out of Linebackers

Now C-Rob is Out
Uh, you know that rumor that surfaced last week about Jarvis Jones possibly moving to inside linebacker? Well, I think it's about time, because during Saturday's game, Christian Robinson became the second starting UGA inside linebacker (who is also our leading tackler) to get sidelined with a foot injury. Fortunately, he will only miss two or three weeks, and the injury will not require surgery. Here is a quote from Richt about the situation:

"We've definitely got a challenge at the linebacker position right now,''

Uh, yeah.

This leads me to the following conclusions regarding our current linebacker situation:
  • Joe T needs to start using some foot strengthening techniques (I'll be willing to bet if you skim random message boards, someone will have said a ridiculous statement like this)
  • As I said above, since we have very little experience at ILB, Jarvis Jones should be moved inside.
  • If JJ doesn't get moved, then T.J. Stripling and Ray Drew must not be totally healthy. 
  • Has Cornelius Washington made a tackle yet?....
  • ....okay I just looked it up: Jarvis Jones has 17 total tackles and Washington has 1. They both start and play the same position on opposite sides of the field. Has anyone else noticed this tackle discrepancy? 
  • Get ready to see more Mike Gilliard and Jeremy Sulek. YAY! (although in the long run I DO think it will be good for Amario Herrera to get "thrown into the fire" like this)
Sure, there are many other issues the team faces now (though there were many more bright spots this past week), but I will dwell on those as the week rolls along. 

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