Saturday, September 10, 2011

Um... Yeah, So 0-2 Feels Not So Good

I'm not surprised at the end result, but the stuff in between wasn't terrible. You can't give away that many points and expect to win when the guy in the other backfield is that good.

Murray is forcing throws. O-line still needs work. Beside getting carved up by Lattimore, the defense didn't play badly.

Bottom line is this is going to be ugly from the lunatic fringe. A mop-up next week isn't going to quell the blood lust from the FIRE crowd. I'm not saying it shouldn't or won't happen, but there's really no margin for error now.

But then again, we already knew there wouldn't be. Damn, I waited around for this for nine months and I, as a friend today said at our tailgate, feel like a kid waking up for Christmas and realizing someone stole your toys and Santa missed your house completely.

Oh yeah, and I still hate Spurrier.
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  1. No margin for error? What.

    We finished 6-7 last season.

    We need to improve wins to 8-5 or 9-4.

    Which means, we can still lose 2-3 more, and Richt's showing 30-50% improvement in wins.

    That will happen. Richt's won 8 game sor more, 24 out of last 25 seasons.

    Relax. We're in good hands.

  2. Thanks for coming.

    Shouldn't you be filming a new season of 24 or an awesome new Allstate commercial?

    We're talking about the 0-2 Georgia Bulldogs here, not Jack Bauer or an accident rewards program.

    Appreciate your comments though.

  3. Look.. my thoughts are this.

    I was impressed with the way we looked last night, we actually have a good team.. a team that outplayed the SEC EAST favorite all night... This is a game unlike boise where your team should of won the game by a large margin... I dont blame the coaches// i thought the gameplan was effective and the players execution was the heel. You cant give 28 free points. BOTTOM LINE. the dawgs beat themselves tonight and it is getting old... Murray needs to become a better manager of the football.. but i was impressed with his big drive for 8pts after that pick six.. Crowell is the man. he needs to get in game shape because he cant help us when hes on the sideline after he makes a play.. conditioning again proves to be a issue.

    I too woke up today confused about how this happened... but the future is bright. We have what we hoped for in Crowell and Jarvis Jones is a defensive stud. But until this team eliminates the offensive errors it will be a long year.. As for CMR.. he got them to finish tonight but i fear that the ship has been sinking and the way we lost last night is not going to pump out any water... Am i the only one that thought some of these calls on us were sketchy... maybe it was where i was sitting.. oh well. same ol story..should of won the game but found ways to lose it. 9-3 is possible with this talent..even 10-2 would be possible if we eliminate the turnovers...if it will happen time will tell. But i applauded the effort as we hit the tunnels last night and i def. wasnt the only 1.

  4. The Dogs lost. Again. There is no excuse except coaching. Every season we have had plenty of talent, yet we still lose to the good teams and many of the mediocre ones. I am tired of it. It is time for a change - now. Richt is a fine man, but he does not have the killer instinct nor the discipline necessary to compete with the Sabans of the SEC. Speaking of Saban, we should offer him $10 million to come to UGA. He's a prostitute, he'd be here tomorrow.