Thursday, September 8, 2011

UGA Sees MORE Position Changes

It looks like all signs point to Sanders Commings moving BACK to cornerback, after starting at safety for the Boise game. With Rambo coming off of a suspension, it only makes sense to move SC back to corner...and I actually agree with the move. At 6-2, you just don't find guys who can cover like him.

But I have another question -- will Commings actually start given that Brandon Boykin is our most consistent defensive back AND Branden Smith was basically the MVP of fall camp? You can't run a nickel defense the whole time because USCe will simply pound Lattimore up the middle (and we might have a 209 pound walk-on playing inside linebacker).

So here is my not-so-bold prediction: you will see Branden Smith getting multiple snaps on the offensive side of the ball with Commings and Smith rotating on defense. This is not a news flash, as the coaches have been pretty open about Smith's avaiability on offense (see Dawgtooth's article from today for a more thorough breakdown of Smith and Boykin). My only question is why Smith didn't play a single snap on offense last game?

OTHER personnel news: As you might remember, Tuesday I pointed out that Jarvis Jones would be a possible option to replace Ogletree at inside linebacker. Well, yesterday, the rumor mill was starting to stir about that possibility. Richt said it's not happening but I'm not totally buying it, because in the same article, he says that he DID consider moving Richard Samuel back to linebacker, but decided against it. If he considered moving Samuel and not JJ, then he needs to have his head examined.

Basically, my theme of this article points to one disappointing truth -- not to beat a dead horse but we do NOT have depth at ANY position. Now...let's beat Carolina shall we?


  1. We've got depth at long snapper.

  2. "My only question is why Smith didn't play a single snap on offense last game?"

    The coaches said his foot was still an issue.

    I've also seen a lot of comments that Boykin should have spent more time on offense, but I can see why he was only in for the one play, given the total amount of time he spent on the other side of the ball.

  3. Boykin cramped up a lot, needed IV's, so if he intakes plenty f fluids this time, and rotates in with Smith, he should be in for 10 plays.

    Smith's foot wasn't 100%, so they held off for 1 more week for sing him on offense. But Smith was on punt return, so you know he was close to 100% last week.

    As a side note, Boise feared our 2 corners so much they only threw at each of them 1x, Boykin almost picked his pass, and Smith intercepted Moore on his.

  4. Hey fellas I address all of this in my article below this one. Thanks for reading.

  5. We even got bad depth at Dawg.

  6. We have about 5 tight ends on the roster. Good depth there. You would think we would try to get a couple of them involved in the offense at the same time.

  7. As bad as our offense was last game, Smith certainly could have been used. (and he played nearly the entire game on defense). Is defense less strenuous than offense? I don't think so.