Friday, September 30, 2011

Tweet O' the Day: What's on Ken Malcome's Mind?

I reckon I jumped the gun a bit on Ken Malcome's decision to leave the team yesterday, as it looks like he was a little quick on the trigger himself. I'm glad that I didn't berate him too much - I'd really look like a huge ass after that. So two things good came of yesterday's article, Boo decided that he wanted to continue his career at UGA and I didn't completely gnaw my foot up to the ankle.

Anyway, in case you'd like to know what helped woo back Kendrun, just take a look at the tweets below:

Like I said yesterday, it seems as though Ken was a popular guy in the locker room so I'd guess that may've had a profound effect on him staying. I would also surmise that the hordes of sorority chicks and what all goes along with being a scholarship athlete at a Division-1 school.

I had a sneaky suspicion that when Richt said, "We'd take him back with open arms..." after reports surfaced of his transfer, he'd probably be returning. Either way, I hope that he's making the right decision for himself and his future.

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