Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tweet O' the Day: What Does #1 Think About Saturday?

I must say that I've been somehwhat bearish on Branden Smith in the past. I won't mince any words here - I probably called him a "bust" at some point in his last two years on campus. In my (hopefully) misguided prior ramblings, I often acknowledged that it wasn't his fault, but his coaches for not giving him the best opportunity to succeed. To their credit, maybe it wasn't their fault either, as it's fairly obvious that outside of A.J., this team has lacked elite playmakers since Knowshon, MoMass, and Stafford's departure. (And yes, I just used 14 commas in a sentence.)

Richt and Company were just trying to find a spark anywhere, so that necessitated Smith switching back and forth. With all of that, he couldn't focus on living up to his billing as a corner. It was really a bad situation for both player and coach without any real great outs.

From reports, all of that seems to be a long-forgotten dream, as Branden has ramped his play up a few notches from when we last saw him on the field. For a very thin veteran group at corner, this is welcome news to my heart - I mean, birds signing, harps playing, and flowers blooming type of heart warming stuff here. But anyway, we have to have some guys step up at those spots and it appears Smith is ready whatever task may need his expertise - or at least his twitter account thinks so...

Saturday couldn't get here soon enough for me either, Branden.

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  1. If our coaches don't use this man, they need to have their heads examined. He's our Percy man, let him do his thang.