Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: Watts Dantzler Gets Busted...

By UGA Parking Services. I know, I know - a petty attempt at getting some attention. Yes, you can call me an attention whore if you like, but there is a rhyme to my reason. Before I try and explain my dastardly deed, here's the tweet from Watts himself:

CLAP........        CLAP...........     CLAP.......    CLAP......  CLAP.... CLAP.. CLAP. CLAP!

If you don't have a ticket hanging around in the dash from your days in Athens, either you've switched cars since graduation (or long weekends there) or you've tossed it to the wind. It's a given that you can't be in that town for more than two weeks without getting one of those nice tokens of your parking creativity. 

Here's my rule - If you can see bare sidewalk, it's free game. Park away.

All jokes aside, the main point of this article is extremely topical. It's the first gameday weekend in Athens, which means all the gameday parking headaches that come with it. The enthusiasm may have subsided a bit, but keep in mind that seemingly the parking spots do as well. 

So before you head into town, if you don't have a reserved spot in one of the locations around campus, make sure and check with PARKING SERVICES to find the best place for you to throw down a tailgate and have us come and harass you.

After all, we don't want to end up with a little yellow souvenir from our first gameday in Athens this season. Well, that is unless of course the souvenir is yellow as a direct result of Jarvis Jones' pass rush.

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