Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: UGA QB is a GENETICIST

Parker Welch knows his stuff. It's likely because he takes his advice from a ginger. Being that folks who affectionately call themselves a part of this group are automatically a little better at everything, Welch decided to forego the teachings of his biology teacher and just get his genetics degree from Ty Frix, who is the genius to whom I'm referring. If you'd like some life advice, gingers always know, so don't be scared off asking because of the pale skin and freckles.

If you haven't heard, the redhead trait is likely to be gone from humanity in the next 40 years. This Danish scientist says that it's because redheads don't get chosen as mates. Personally, I'm offended by this garbage and I'd venture a guess that Mr. Frix is as well. 

Riddle me this, is there anything better in the world than an extremely good looking redhead? 

Uh.... NO!

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  1. The Danes never saw Dagmar Midcap