Monday, September 12, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: Team Reaction Time

Once again, the guys that actually play on the field are finding a way to stay positive, which is more than I can say for the people watching it. It's hard to feel like the ship's not sinking, but these guys are trying to bail it as fast as they can. I'm not talking about the jumping off or out version of that word either.

It was the type of game that will completely demoralize you. Outplay the other team in everything but the scoreboard, but you still lose. I'm not making excuses because that's a loser's mentality, but it's what happened. That doesn't mean we're good, but we're obviously a little better than what we feared after Week 1.

On another note, of particular interest was Ken Malcome's reaction to the events of Saturday evening.

Any way you slice this up, it's not good. It's too bad that you got an L, but you gotta move on to this week's opponent. A beat down in Athens isn't going to make them feel any better (nor will it us), but SEC play is slowing approaching and, though we're behind the eight ball now, things can turn around quickly if you take care of business later.

Ladies and gentleman, the optimist for the day. The realist is taking a few hours off.


  1. The starters are positive, the bench warmers are complaining, so surprising.

  2. Boo is embarrassing himself and he doesn't even know it. "dis" "Wats" "pose." With language skills like that I can imagine he has a hard time learning the playbook. Pathetic.

  3. Actually that's VERY common language on twitter. You only get 140 characters to say something. So shortening up your words and using any kind of abbreviated word is how some kids get all of their thoughts in their tweet. And attacking a kids character and not even knowing why he's spelling that way is pretty Piss poor!