Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tweet 'O The Day: Tavarres King Has a Wish

Although King's production hasn't been what many of us expected thus far (10 rec. 117 yards 3TDs), there is still plenty of season left. And with Malcolm Mitchell emerging as another "go to" receiver, King's opportunities should start to open up as we continue through a string of conference games.

And as you can see by T. King's tweet, he -- and hopefully the team -- still has lofty expectations:

Well...that pretty much says it all. But the question is, how tough would it be for Georgia to win the SEC? Well, to actually win the SEC Championship would be tough, because we would most likely have to go through LSU or Alabama. But how tough would it be to just get back to the dome (and hopefully exorcise the Boise demons)?

First, let's take a look at the SEC East standings:

Obviously, we need South Carolina to start losing. This is where we need help, as we control our own destiny against every other team (unless there is a messy tie-breaker a la 2007). 

Here is Carolina's remaining conference schedule: 

Three road games in a row will be tough, and remember, as it stands now, we need them to lose at least two of these games.

Now look at Florida's:

That's pretty brutal. We would be having another losing record with that schedule. But for now, UF doesn't really bother us, as we COULD beat them on down the road. 

My point is, we have the easiest schedule (least difficult might be a better phrase) of any East team (I'm completely discounting UK and Vandy from consideration for obvious reasons, and UT is already behind the 8-ball with the Florida loss). Oh, and uh...we don't really need to lose any more games. But other than that...

For now, I'll leave you with a favor request: please vigorously knock on wood so this article doesn't jinx us. Thanks. 

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